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Bag In Box

The Bag-in-Box, abbreviated in B-i-B, is a container of plastic material inside a cardboard box. Often used as wine dispenser, can contain also other kinds of liquids and even more or less dense food! This combination is the answer to different requirements: practicality and packaging Security; Storage; Transport; Communication; Use Sector.
WHILE the bags can Presenting An excellent barrier to gas, the carton is in A Major Resistance accidental contact with sharp or pointed objects. InOLTRE cartons can be more easily handled and Stored with standard equipment by optimizing Conservation. InOLTRE The box made of cardboard can, where necessary, forms and graphics become the communication tool and marketing typically come from the case for consumer packaging. Compared to the simple bag, the box represents an also Subject More intuitive to use (tapping of the Content). Typically the cap / dispenser IS Done Exit From An opening prefustellata positioned pressoterapia One of the support bases of the box, allowing the escape of Severity Content From bag.
The typical sizes in liters Bag-in-box wine are 3-5 – 10 – 20.

The history of the Bag in Box

The use of this Sector container for wine and began to Recent Years Enough, initially for the North European market and later anche in Italy Dove EHR penetration Has Been BEGINNING Complicated by traditional factors (Bound course the use of bottles glass for the “Nectar of Bacchus”) and distrust (Tied in That in the first time in this NEW Container were usually packaged wines low level). Today the situation has changed because Countless Benefits That Bag in Box offre From Consumers are appreciated.

The Benefits of Bag in Box

Let’s see the advantages of the Bag in Box:
La Sacca IS wine filled without Che the air remains at inside and His During emptying, thanks to the special system which E Done the faucet and the flexibility of the material of the bag, OUT soloist liquid without Che oxygen penetrates . In this eliminates the possibility of oxidation and from the grip of “inspiration”, typical Problem That We found instead in the wine stored in open bottles. So the Bag in Box is the best container announcement today on the market for wines everyday, you still keep the wine “ready to use” even for occasional and sporadic consumption.
For What about the box (the box) even here the advantages are numerous. It Protects From The Sack From crushing bumps and cuts, and stackable Protects Wine From changes in temperature and From Light And last and not great for shipments Solution That for the courier As regards the shipping of the bottles now oblige ad special packaging and very expensive

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